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Five Poems in Janus Literary
"Winter Pains Itself" in Angel Rust Mag
"Carnivore" in Crow & Cross Keys
"Scene from a Bipolar Support Group" in Bear Creek Gazette
"Let's Take a Midnight Trip to CVS" and "'You better hold on tight, spidermonkey.'" in bloodbathhate magazine
"There's a Speech Bubble Over My Head Saying, 'Twice as Ill, Twice as Dangerous!'" in Black Moon Magazine
"< ¿ >" and "Bodies (In Texas) Have a Way of Becoming" in Juke Joint
Issue one and two of Ample Remains
Issue two of Southchild Lit
"Lynda Ann Healy" in The Raven Review
"Rat King" in Not Deer Magazine
"Guide for the Modern Spellcaster" in Not Deer Magazine

Two poems in *Ergi's Trickster Anthology*
Three poems in Devil's Party Press' Solstice: A Winter Anthology Volume 2
"Ripping You Out" in GutSlut Press' Bonemilk Anthology I
Interviews + Reviews:
"On Spectacles, TikTok, and Death: A Conversation with Jessica Q. Stark" in DVAN's diaCRITICS
"A Review of Jenny Sadre-Orafai's Dear Outsiders in Full Stop
Editing + Reading:
- Editor for TIMBER, Siblíní Journal, Persona, and reader for Southchild Lit.
"Drain," in the third issue of Coffin Bell Journal. Check out my interview and thoughts on this piece by listening to episode 5 of the Books Are Scary podcast.

Bri Gonzalez (she/they) is a queer Chicana/e writer currently studying and teaching at the University of Colorado Boulder. They're a co-poetry editor for TIMBER, CU Boulder's MFA literary magazine. They teach both Intro to Creative Writing and Intro to Poetry workshop (her students are superb and she hypes them up on the daily). Bri's work revolves around mental illness, grief and suicide, folklore, and the challenges of being mixed ethnicity. At the moment, they're working on their in-progress manuscript titled A Wellness Check and their thesis.

Bri grew up in San Antonio, TX and attended Texas State University for their undergrad. They dearly miss their abuela, her cooking, and her love. In 2021, Bri was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. They write frequently about their experience with their disorder, as well as its reception in media + day-to-day life. In her free time, Bri plays an inordinate amount of D&D (only one character death thus far), watches Dimension20 and Critical Role, makes up various personas with her friends, binges horror movies, and bothers her void cat, Dahlia. If they could gift the universe to anyone, it would be their sibling. They can't live without mangonadas and Milky Ways.

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