Bri Gonzalez


Hi! I'm Bri (she/they), a poet and MFA candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder.

This website serves as a collection of my work, projects, and ambitions. I'm always open to collaboration and feedback!

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Publications & Work

Issue one and two of Ample Remains
Dead Fern Press
Issue two of Southchild Lit
"Return" in Not Deer Magazine
"On Exploring the Attic of My Mind " in Persona
"2052" in Green Ink Poetry
"Lynda Ann Healy" in The Raven Review
"Rat King" in Not Deer Magazine
"Guide for the Modern Spellcaster" in Not Deer Magazine

"Drain," in the third issue of
Coffin Bell Journal. Check out my interview and thoughts on this piece by listening to episode 5 of the Books Are Scary* podcast.

Editing/ Reading:
Editor for Siblíní Journal, Persona, and reader for Southchild Lit.
I was a guest on the Anti-Disciplinary Podcast, where I discussed works of horror, specifically how women, family, and culture are reflected in the genre. You can listen to this episode here.

(I appreciate all the time and attention my work receives! I hope they bring you something, whether it be a feeling, a thought, a memory, or a question.)

About me

Hi! I'm Bri Gonzalez (she/they). I'm a queer, Chicana/e poet born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Writing has whisked me off to Colorado, where I have begun my journey in the University of Colorado Boulder's MFA program. My work focuses on monsters -- cryptids, boogeymen, zombies, etc. -- and asking why we're scared of them.

Alongside writing, I also teach Introduction to Creative Writing at CU Boulder and have worked with high school level students before.

I'm horrible at talking about myself, like most writers, but here's an assortment of bits and baubles that sum up who I am: I'm addicted to caffeine; I love admiring the moon; I play tabletop roleplay games, watch Food Network shows, and binge horror movies. My friends mean the world to me, even when they roast the shit out of me. I have a void cat named Dahlia, who is my favorite demon. If I could give the universe to anyone, it would be my sibling.


If you have any questions/inquiries about my work or are looking to collaborate, send me a message! I'll respond at my earliest convenience.

Thank you

Thank you for reaching out! I will respond as soon as I can.